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The Janitor

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작성자 tatsu 작성일08-02-06 12:52 조회1,210회 댓글0건


I am recommending a book titled "The Janitor" written by Todd Hopkins & Ray Hilbert

The book was actually a gift from my wife and I just finished reading it.
Very impressive. It's written in easy English and should not take any of you a month to read it through.
It's a christian book, but I am sure this book can give a lots of new aspects into anyone's life.

One CEO and his company were transformed by one janitor's 6 directives.
1 recharge vs discharge
2 View family as a blessing, not a responsibility
3 pray; don't pout
4 pass it around
5 don't spend; invest
6 leave a legacy

If you read the book, you will know the meaning of these 6 directives that will transform you!


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